About Us

We create content across multiple genres, formats and platforms. Content that combines the power of disciplined strategy with creativity and persuasive storytelling to deliver measurable results. The competition for attention is intense. Audiences demand content that is immediately engaging, personally relevant and credible...or they move on. It's a fiercely demanding environment...and we love every minute that we spend helping you succeed in it. Bold. Daring. Great. Content designed for success.

Creating great content isn’t a mystical formula.It’s a process.


Pacific Media is a concept-to-completion, digital content agency. We do it all: from aligning your message with brand strategy, to creative design, content production and extending content usage.


We're big believers in the power of listening and collaboration. That's why we work closely with you to learn about your business: your audience, analyze your competitor, your needs and objectives. Armed with this knowledge we strategize communication and content solutions that will align with your brand and convey your unique story as only you can.


After all of the research, strategy and analysis, the design phase is where the fun begins. It's the point where we get to unleash our right brains to turn your plan into reality. Our team of creative artists explore multiple approaches for your story: from messaging to content format, visuals or graphics, all with an eye to creating content that will best connect with your targeted audience.


The process of bringing your content to life, varies widely depending on the type of content we're creating. A text-based blog post or white paper relies heavily on a writer, with a little light design. An infographic is handled by an illustrator or designer, and requires only light writing. A branded video, depending on the scale, requires a larger team, including a writer, producer, director, camera operator, gaffer, audio engineer, editor, and possibly more.


A lot of thought, research and development goes into a piece of content. At Pacific Media, we think you should achieve the highest ROI possible, from every piece of content you produce. We help you do that with our MAP (Multiple Asset Portfolio) approach to repurposing content. Repurposing content involves taking a work and adapting it to a new story angle, audience or format. This includes applying the general topic, research, text copy, images and/or data to a new work.

Content that doesn’t change behavior is just that — content.Great content moves the needle.



Before you can expect to get value from your customers, you must first give value. Delivering valuable content is a great way to do that. At Pacific Media we help you create content that will be more useful and tell a better story than anyone else in your space; content that nurtures prospects based on the buyer persona and journey; content that is engaging and actionable. We specialize in explainer videos, client success stories, blogs, newsletters, bylined articles, white papers, website and social media copy. We provide field sales enablement tools including "conversation starter" videos, interactive sales materials, and more.


When your goals are to increase brand recall, improve authority and build brand trust, great content is essential. Whether you’re targeting analysts and investors, the general public, employee prospects, or community stakeholders, Pacific Media creates quality content that spreads the word, tells your story, and enhances your reputation. We combine communication expertise with high value production to create content that engages and compels your key audiences. And our attention to deployment leveraging opportunities ensures that your story can be accessible any way, any where, any time.


Evangelism for any business starts with employees. If you want to succeed, you need to educate and excite your employees about the meaningful work you’re doing across your organization. Whether you're revamping your Intranet, building an internal news site or rethinking your internal communications channels, we’re experts in creating media communications that engage, inform, compel and persuade  highly diverse employee  audiences. Creating better, smarter employees is good internally and externally, you’ll definitely see the impact of this investment on your bottom line.


The internet and social media have changed the role that events once played as the primary place to acquire and share information while networking with peers. However, with the right content strategy, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity. Pacific Media provides content strategies and solutions that optimize event content so it can be leveraged before, during and after your event.  Your content will generate buzz, enrich event experiences, enhance information sharing, and maximize post-event outcomes. We specialize in media for social sharing, session opens, keynotes, breakout sessions, and exhibits.  We also provide real-time event solutions including video blogs, highlight reels, customer testimonials, and more.


Media relations and content marketing each work individually, but they’re much more powerful as a whole, rather than separated. When you combine great content with PR strategies, you’re putting compelling stories into the hands of media professionals and thought leaders. We help you create strategies for media coverage that will elevate your content's visibility while adding an important third party endorsement. Plus, by leveraging your content across both disciplines, we help you optimize ROI. We specialize in a video and text-based media relations content including video news releases, video b-roll and spokesperson interviews, as well as text-based press releases, press kits, and feature story concepts and pitches.


Effective training empowers and aligns your workforce and helps people do their best work in an environment that’s changing faster than ever.  But even though  most employees want to learn, they almost unanimously hate training. For training to be effective, it needs to be relevant, highly accessible  and easy to consume. To help you do this, Pacific Media supports a full range of learning styles with text-based,  video and rich media educational solutions. Whether you need media for classroom training, web-based interactives, wireless podcast feeds or a blended mix, we provide  the expertise and services to move you seamlessly and easily from instructional design through content creation and deployment.



Purpose driven companies are the most successful. Behind every purpose are great stories. Video tells story better than any other medium by taking advantage of our brain’s capacity to process information 60,000 times faster than text.


Today written content has to be more than just persuasive, it must be remarkable, immersive, drive audience trust and be SEO optimized. Look to Pacific Media for articles, blog content, case studies, website copy, email marketing, white papers, press releases, and newsletters that generate measurable, sustainable results.


Pacific Media artists produce animation with a fundamental commitment to time-honored visual principles, great storytelling using a wide array of animation tools for both 2D and 3D animation. We bring a full range of experience and creative insight to animating everything from complex technology processes and concepts to brand logos.


In the right hands, presentations can be amazing platforms for sharing vision and spreading ideas. Our specialty is creating presentations with finely tuned storylines and dynamic visuals for live meetings, webinars, online slide sharing and social media. Our dedicated content and design team works with you from concept to completion to ensure that your presentation delivers the value your audiences deserve.


Infographics are more than a great way to convey complex information, they optimize search and increase site traffic and shares. And infographics are read 30 times more than text-only content. Trained in data visualization, our infographic designers convey ideas in a visual story structure, making sure that your infographics deliver quality information using visuals that enhance insight and recall.


Interactive activities transform even the dullest content into personal experiences that foster emotionally driven connections and more relevant information gathering. We develop and produce creative, high-impact, on-demand Interactive content for marketing, sales and eLearning. Our creative, instruction and software professionals support adapt to your specific needs and technical environment.