Avaya: IP Made Easy

Avaya, a global leader in business communication and collaboration solutions, wanted to launch their new Avaya Contact Center Solutions at an international trade show. They needed a product video for their main stage theater that would be fun and generate buzz at the show, as well as drive Business and IT decision makers to their Exhibit. The video needed to also work as an online, field sales, and social media tool after the event. Finally, Avaya’s biggest challenge was to overcome their target IT customer’s belief that deploying and managing a multi-channel contact center would be too difficult and costly.

To meet all of these challenges, Pacific Media created a story that featured a fictional character based on Avaya’s target customer: an overworked IT administrator at a midsize business who needed to upgrade the company call center.

To support the humorous story line, we set our character in an eccentric business scenario and then proceeded to solve his problems through the power of the Avaya call center solution. The video delivered the key strategic messages, with just enough comedy to ensure that the video was fun and still highly informative.

The video was just what Avaya was looking for. It successfully captured attention at their trade show launch and by tackling the primary barrier to adoption with humor, they were able to easily engage customers and prospects in meaningful conversations about the new solution.

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