Cisco: Innovation in a Box

Cisco retail wanted a video that would work as a conversation starter for prospects and customers around their new Store-in-a-Box retail solution. They wanted viewers to be able to quickly envision the positive results they could achieve and be inspired to take the next step in the sales conversation.

We utilized a video success story as the outreach tool for the launch because no other marketing tool performs as well for inspiring confidence around a new product solution. In addition, videos are a preferred medium by B2B buyers, and they’re easily shareable.

To ensure the success stories would resonate with a broad retail audience we worked with Cisco to identify two customer case examples that addressed the key pain points felt by retailers in general. We then crafted a video that showed viewers how these retailers had used the solution’s features and capabilities to dramatically improve business performance. We also made sure that the story hit the value propositions that would be important to both IT and Business Decision Maker audiences and that the video provided just enough information to entice viewers into moving on to the next step of the purchasing cycle.

Cisco used the video successfully across multiple sales touch points: in face-to-face presentations, email campaigns, online and via social media.

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