NetApp: Living Our Values

NetApp asked Pacific Media to create a video that would recognize and celebrate the winners of their annual “Living Our Values” Awards. With a fast-turn production that spanned three continents, four languages and ten time zones, we were able to capture each winner’s story in video that was personal, inspirational, fun and high-energy.

Pacific Media was tasked with writing a script that communicated the Human Resources Department’s overarching message and campaign strategy while also telling three, credible and compelling personal stories about the Living Our Values annual winners. Ultimately we distilled 12 hours of interviews into a cohesive set of three 2 minute stories.

We also created animation and utilized motion effects to provide a variety of compelling transitions.

This video was regarded as the most engaging and well received “Living Our Values” video created to date for the award program.

ClientNetAppServicesBrand alignment, Creative design, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Talent (non-professional) selection and interview preparation, Production services globally, Graphic design, Animation, Editing and motion effects, Producer services, Project management