Trend Micro: Interscan Message Security

TrendMicro needed a video that would demonstrate how their InterScan Message Security Suite helps customers proactively protect their messaging gateway. Their challenge was to help potential customers visualize the solution’s intangible features and processes.

Pacific Media concepted a message strategy, developed a creative design for and produced an energetic, clear, and concise video which established the current security threats and demonstrated how TrendMicro’s new Interscan Messaging Security solution provided more comprehensive and easy to manage network security.

The video delivered just the right mix of promotional messaging and technology demonstration. It successfully addressed the needs and concerns of both business and IT decision makers. It grabbed viewer attention and gave them clear, concise and visual insight into the Security Suite’s processes and value propositions. The video successfully influenced Trend Micro’s customer prospects to take the next step and contact a sales associate.

ClientTrend MicroServicesBrand alignment, Creative design, Scriptwriting, Graphic design, Motion graphics, Editing, Animation, VO Talent, Producer Services